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Triple Biotic Blend: Pre, Pro and Postbiotic

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Wellness begins in your gut. That’s why we’ve put together these powerful gut health boosters to create Gut3. Our revolutionary formula is designed to promote digestion, weight management, increased energy, a healthy GI lining, and a balanced gut flora to contribute to whole-body health.

More About Gut³

More and more health experts now agree that good health starts in the gut. And healthy gut bacteria are key to this good health. That’s why, when Dr. Sue began formulating this product, she decided to combine 3 ultra-powerful blends for total support: Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Postbiotics. To add to the effectiveness, Gut³ also includes a special blend of other GI health ingredients.

Probiotics are the helpful bacteria in your gut that have been shown to promote improved digestion and support healthy immune function. Prebiotics are the fibre and carbohydrates that feed these probiotics, as well as reduce food cravings to help you manage your weight. Postbiotics: Recent research presents evidence that most of the positive effects we used to attribute to probiotics are actually due to postbiotics. They may also provide the bases for the proper processing of prebiotics, promoting a healthy prebiotic population in yet another manner.

And Gut³ includes our unique blend of ingredients shown to soothe and support your digestive tract lining, and help your body naturally combat issues associated with “Leaky Gut.”

When combined, these potent blends of unique ingredients form a comprehensive health support formula.

Gut³ is a whole-body supplement formulated to help you feel better than you have in years!*

<small>*All individuals are unique, so your results may vary.</small>


Our Prebiotic Blend gives you the healthy gut benefits of high quality fibre — critical for proper digestion and maximum nutrient absorption. It includes, Fructooligosacchride (FOS) Chicory contains inulin, which is a powerful prebiotic and actively reduces the acidity of the body’s systems. Chicory root has a mild laxative effect and helps to improve bowel regularity and stool softening.

Our Probiotic Blend delivers 4 powerful strains of good bacteria to help optimise your digestion, aid in weight management, and reduce gas and bloating.

Lactobacillus plantarum (400 billion cfu/g)L. plantarum helps good bacteria flourish to balance your system, and attacks the bad bacteria in your gut.*

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (400 billion cfu/g)
This probiotic strain is excellent at supporting our immune systems, including our body’s natural allergy resistance.*

Lactobacillus paracasei (440 million cfu/g)
This strain of bacteria helps support and maintain healthy gastrointestinal function and ben eficial flora.*

Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis (180 million cfu/g)
This strain of bacteria is popular due to its many benefits. It has been shown to support GI function and small intestine health. It also supports beneficial bacteria adherence to intestinal mucosa as well as good flora during antibiotic use.*

<small>*All individuals are unique, so your results may vary.</small>

Our Postbiotic Blend delivers 5 powerful strains of good bacteria.

• Lactobacillus acidophilus (Postbiotic™ - type)
• Lactobacillus rhamnosus (Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus (Postbiotic™ - type)
• Lactobacillus paracasei (Lacticaseibacillus paracasei subsp. Paracasei (Postbiotic™ - type)
• Lactobacillus plantarum (Lactiplantibacillus plantarum (Postbiotic™ - type)
• Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis(Postbiotic™ - type)

Our blend of GI health ingredients enhances bioavailability, which means you get more of the vital nutrients your body needs, faster. The ingredients are also known to soothe occasional gastrointestinal disc omfort and help support a healthy gut lining. It includes,<br>
Fermented L-Glutamine
L-Glutamine is a powerful amino acid which supports the protective barrier of the gastrointestinal wall.*

Magnesium BHB
Provides energy to fuel the human brain and muscles.*

Liquorice Root Extract
Liquorice root has been used for years to soothe occasional gastrointestinal discomfort.*

Piper Nigrum Extract
Aids in gastrointestinal absorption and systemic utilization of nutrients.*

Zinc (from Zinc Carnosine Complex)
Helps support healthy mucus secretions that lead to a more stable gastric bacterial environment.*

<small>*All individuals are unique, so your results may vary.</small>


Mix 5g of Gut³ soluble powder with water or your favourite drink until fully dissolved.


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Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics.

You’ve probably heard of prebiotics and probiotics. Both of these help keep your digestive system healthy and regular, among several other health benefits. Recently, postbiotics have emerged as another group of beneficial compounds that can help improve your health. Postbiotics are less widely known, but recent research suggests that they have an equally important role in maintaining and improving our health. In fact, many of the health benefits that have been attributed to prebiotics, may actually be due to postbiotics.



Nutrients that change the composition of gut microbiota by providing “food” that promotes good bacteria growth. It’s mainly dietary fibre, like that you find in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


The gut microbes themselves. They strengthen the barrier against infection, and have antibacterial, immune-modulating, and anti-inflammatory aspects. You find probiotics in foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and kimchi.


The result of probiotic activity in the gut, like fermentation. As intestinal microbes consume prebiotic fibre, the result of that fermentation or consumption is what is known as postbiotics.

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Love this Supplement

I have been using this product for over a year now and love it, I really feel the difference in my gut health, my immune and my energy levels. Plus it helps my body absorb the vitamins that I take daily.

Sonja B.
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I recommend this product


It helped to settle my digestive problems

Robyn H.
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I recommend this product


I think it is a good product But every time I open the jar I sneeze

Victoria P.
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Gut 3

I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to good gut health :)

Regina J.
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